What We Do

WAM takes responsibility for devising, implementing and monitoring an appropriate investment strategy for our clients. As our individual clients’ needs evolve, and investment markets change, this service requires constant vigilance. In order to fulfil our responsibility, WAM follows the following process:


  • We listen with great care to our clients
  • We draw up an investment strategy for each client
  • We agree the investment strategy with the client
  • We implement the investment strategy
  • We continuously reappraise the investment strategy
  • We seek the most appropriate investments across global markets
  • We monitor their performance


  • We provide a single point of contact for the client
  • We instruct all trades and cash transfers and ensure that they are carried out efficiently
  • We provide bespoke reports for each client
  • We liaise with our clients’ other professional advisors such as banks, accountants, tax advisors and lawyers

Profile of WAM Clients

  • Younger entrepreneurs who have set up private companies and who have either sold them or taken dividends
  • Senior businessmen and women including erstwhile or current CEOs or Chairmen of FTSE100 companies
  • Large complex families with endowment trusts, London and country estates, and other trust settlements
  • Charitable foundations

WAM offers this specialist investment management service to clients on a discretionary basis.

You are like the world I grew up in, someone with honour, extremely able and with integrity.

WAM Private Client

It is rare to find people in this industry that make me feel as though they are working for their clients and not simply for themselves.

WAM Private Client